For October


    • Plant trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.
    • Plant Spring flowing bulbs late in the month. Add bone meal under each bulb.
    • Plant pansies and ornamental cabbage.
    • Dig tender bulbs such as gladiolus, dahlia, or caladium and store for the winter.
    • Plant and divide flowering perennials.
    • Move houseplants indoors before night temperatures dip below 50 degrees.
    • Pick up all fallen fruit and remove any fruit left hanging in trees. This helps to prevent any carry-over diseases.
    • Dig sweet potatoes before frost.
    • Plant garlic now for large bulbs next summer.
    • Clean up the garden when the harvest is complete.
    • Plant a cover crop of clover or winter grain if desired.
    • Harvest pumpkins, winter squash, and gourds before frost.
    • Gather all garden equipment, clean, oil and store.
    • Drain garden hoses of water and store.
    • Leave hummingbird feeders out for late migrants.