Historic Hayesville Inc & Partners Showcase Historic Downtown

Wayfinding Signage & New Banners


Wayfinding signs are an asset for downtown areas and Hayesville is no exception due to occasional lack of connectivity with GPS in our county. New signage has been in the Hayesville Small Town/Main Street work plan during the past 2 years. HHI Board members have collected photos of various examples for good directions when traveling to regional meetings.

The Small Town Design and Promotion committees will be working on a final prototype to attract visitors and provide directions to historic downtown Hayesville.


HHI Board Mtg With TonyWiegold333X250

The committees have also worked on new banner designs and a downtown map for walking and cycling trails.

STMS/HHI Board members discussed options for new downtown banners at their February 2018 meeting with a presentation from Tony Wiegold, owner of Signs Fast.

Banner designs have now been finalized. There are a limited number available and examples can be seen around downtown. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to stop by HHI next to the Post Office to view a sample with the final coloring and detail, complete an application form, customize as required and choose a location.


The Downtown map is also completed and ready for pickup at several locations about town.

Welcome Wood Sign 1

In addition to new wayfinding signs and banners, a vintage, custom wood sign will be restored, refinished and relocated on Hwy 64 Bus on approach to downtown across the street from the Quanassee Trail entry below the Old Jail Museum. STMS/HHI volunteers will complete the project.


Update -- the Welcome Sign has been Restored


Welcome to Hayesville Sign500HHI volunteer Stan Rasmussen (L) was joined by Steve Johns and Tommy Davis of Woodhaven Construction on March 18, 2021 to install the refurbished wooden sign on Hwy. 64 Business.

Motorists will now see a restored welcome sign after passing around the traffic circle and Moore Plaza as they travel toward downtown Hayesville. The sign was originally designed by Ted Cotton Sr. in 1972 to welcome visitors but was later replaced by new signage at Highway 64 intersections. Historic Hayesville Inc. recovered the sign for a restoration project in conjunction with Clay County Historic and Arts Council and Clay County Communities Revitalization Association. Stan Rasmussen volunteered to repair the wood surfaces, updated the historic courthouse steeple motif and matched original paint colors to complete the project.


Information about these downtown projects is available at the HHI Exhibit. If you would like to support these projects, a donation can be made using a PayPal Account or Credit Card.


Trash/Recycle Receptacles for the Square


Recycle Bin Close Up177X250A Small Town/HHI project for new trash/recycle receptacles was unveiled in 2018 in front of the Town Hall and was completed in 2021 with all available receptacles placed around the square.

This project was steered by the Design Committee and used a local business to produce the receptacles which are placed inside the historic courthouse square and around downtown. Several examples of the trash and recycling receptacles can already be seen around the square. Each one has a beautiful aluminium representation of the courthouse. The recycling receptacles have a slightly different top design with smaller openings to discourage real trash disposal.

CCCRATrash250X188MayorwithTrashCans250X237All receptacles were made by Lidseen of North Carolina, Inc. of Hayesville and were delivered in August. Ray Swanson and Melvin Swanson from Lidseen of NC set up this recycle bin with STMS Design Committee Chair Deborah Nichols. The recycle bin was produced as part of a grant received by the town and is paired with one of the waste bins donated by Clay County Communities Revitalization Association.

The recycling receptacles have been purchased using a grant from the Division of Environmental Assistance & Customer Service. Trash receptacles have been purchased by Historic Hayesville Inc., which is looking for donations from organizations or individuals to offset this expense. Recognition will be given to those who make donations to Historic Hayesville Inc. for at least one trash receptacle.



A small plaque will be placed on the trash receptacle, such as the one shown here, that is in recognition of the donation from the American Legion Family. The American Legion Family of Post 532, including Sons of American Legion and Post 532 Auxiliary, combined their three contributions for a waste bin which will be located on Herbert Street close to the Veterans Monument.








2020 Steins and Wine Event was cancelled.

2021 Steins and Wine Event was posponed until May 21st 2022.

Plans are underway and we expect several NEW participants.


More details to follow but in the meantime, check out the 2019 event info and participants.


The 2019 Steins and Wine Around the Square

“A Taste of Hayesville”


Mountain Area Wineries and Breweries
and food from area restaurants.

An annual favorite, a fundraiser sponsored by Historic Hayesville Inc. for downtown projects, the 2019 ticket sales will be donated to the Clay County Historical and Arts Council for Old Jail Museum repairs.

From late afternoon into the early evening, this event signals that the fall season is upon us and is a wonderful way to kick off seasonal activities, festivities and the holidays with friends.


wine grapeshops flowerWineries and Breweries welcomed attendees as they would at their individual tasting rooms or bars.
Visitors could purchase a glass or bottle to enjoy as they relaxed listening to music.

“ A Taste of Hayesville”, that debuted at the 2018 event, has become a firm favorite and gave area restaurants an opportunity to have visitors sample their food.

Besides the wine, beer and "A Taste of Hayesville" tables, popcorn and soft drinks were available for purchase and water was available courtesy of Miller Well Drilling.


Tap images for 2019 participant information.





wehrloomMeadery240X240A new addition to the event this year was Wehrloom Meadery from Robbinsville, NC. Mead is neither beer nor wine although it is often referred to as honey wine. This alcoholic beverage was produced throughtout "ancient" Europe, Africa and Asia. Mead has been found in Pharoh's tombs and is the "stuff of legend" in Norse mythology. Many old scripts from around the world reference mead. There has been a resurgence in interest so for more information visit their website.



CorksandCups240X424Corks and Cups showcased their wine bottle & wine glass holders, cheese slicers/servers and other host/hostess party pieces, all handmade of fine hardwoods.


Music for the evening was provided by


Moon250X345GeorgeAndyD250X163Moon Hamilton, A Member of the Young Harris College Guitar Ensemble,  playing classical guitar & violin, and local favorites, George Boothroyd on guitar & Andy Ward on mandolin, A Musical Duo.



The list of exhibitors varies from year to year as new breweries and wineries join old favorites to make this event a “must do”.

It has been recognized as part of the "wine trail" for the Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA, (American Viticultural Area) an area of 100,000 acres of which only 130 acres are under vine – but that is continuing to grow as more “boutique” wineries get established.

Participating craft breweries are fast becoming a part of the WNC Brewers Alliance.

HHI is pleased to play a part in promoting economic growth of the area by providing this platform for new wineries and breweries to be successful.


The Hayesville Steins and Wine Around the Square event was the first of its kind in the area. It was born out of efforts by The Town 100 Committee that wanted to showcase a “Wine Around the Square” event in celebration of Hayesville's Centennial Anniversary in 2013. However, that required changes to local ordinances so that alcohol could be served. With approvals in place the event was a great success and has grown into the popular, now annual, “Steins and Wine Around The Square” of today.

 This event is a Historic Hayesville, Inc. fundraiser to benefit downtown projects.

Historic Hayesville, Inc. Centennial Exhibit


The Centennial Exhibit changes the display items with the seasons or for special occasions and events and has many unique items for purchase that make wonderful gifts.

There  are several rooms to explore, each offering a glimpse into the life and times of the area from long ago. The Exhibit is open on Fridays and Saturdays 11am to 4pm from April through December. Tours are available by request - please contact us by email at historichayesvilleinc@gmail.com or call (828) 389-9898.




Friends of Historic Hayesville volunteers start cleaning and setting up new displays early each year to get ready for the new season at the HHI Centennial Exhibit.


Click on the room names for a preview and watch for display updates.

Reception Area

Quilt Room

Hayesville History Room

Veterans Room

Early Farmhouse Room


Reception Area

Old Books

Visitors are warmly greeted by volunteers in the reception area. The small, packed room is full of local area information and maps together with some very special, very old items, photos, books and ledgers.  Many volunteers are long time residents and are happy to share stories of by gone times in Hayesville. The rooms are for self exploration but questions are encouraged and a volunteer can act as your guide.


Quilt Room

Historic Hayesville, Inc has a quilt room that is full of beautiful handcrafted quilts on loan for display. Of particular note is a Civil War era quilt and it has a story to tell.

IMG 0847 civil war quilt 1A350XIMG 0848 civil war quilt 2A263X350The quilt pictured here is on loan from the Dan and Joey McGlamery Collection. It is estimated to be 150 years old!

The quilt was set together (bordered) with material from the wedding dress of Martha Ann McClure Killian. Martha Ann was the first wife of Dr. Daniel Wilkensen Killian and mother of Dr. Paul Bismark Killian. Martha Ann was also Dan's great-great grandmother. Martha Ann and Dr. Daniel Killian were married on August 27, 1861. She died in October or 1877 at the age of 37 and is buried in the family plot in Hayesville, NC. This quilt survived the Civil War by being buried under the Killian family's smokehouse. It is a prized piece of Killian history. It was passed down to her son, Dr. Killian, to his daughter, Ora McGlamery, and to her son, Dan McGlamery.


XmasQuilt250X237Many traditional and modern quilt designs are also on display. The display changes from time to time so there is always something new to see.

Christmas is a special time when the quilt exhibit includes seasonal masterpieces and there are gifts available for purchase.


Other items on display include books, photographs, paintings and even bumper stickers. There are some handcrafted items many of which have a story to tell too.

HandMadeChurch333X250By way of example, this  church model is made from the old split wooden shingles that used to cover the fixed awnings over the sidewalks in downtown Hayesville from the 1970’s to 2016. The model is based upon a historical photograph of the Union Hill Baptist Church on Burnt Schoolhouse Road, prior to its renovation and additions. The church roof lifts off to show the rows of pews etc. inside. This model was handcrafted by local attorney and historian, Gary Nichols.



Selections by other local area artisans are also on display and some are available for purchase.


Hayesville History Room

One of the rooms in the Exhibit is dedicated to items and articles from times past in Hayesville. Stories and photographs of individuals and industries make for very interesting eye-opening reading of how life used to be.

A visitor may find it difficult to believe that "back in the day", when the creation of the TVA Lake Chatuge was to displace 500 families, the project was put on hold because one of those families had a member who was seriously ill and could not be moved. The whole story can be read in the original newspaper articles that are available for view.

Artifacts and photographs highlighting the vibrant lumber industry and train line of yesteryear, fill shelves in the room.

On a top shelf you can see an exquisite local hand made lap dulcimer instrument – no wonder “music in the mountains” is synonymous with the Smokies and its people.

This was hand crafted by Gordon Parris, a local farmer who became a very accomplished craftsman.  He designed and hand made many different mountain musical instruments including the famous Appalachian Mountains lap dulcimer. His instruments still play and all display his wonderful craftmanship. He also hand-crafted furniture and gunstocks.




Veterans Room


wreath300X288eagleThe Centennial Exhibit Veterans Room displays photographs and other war time memorabilia from the Civil War forward through the years to honor generations of soldiers.

Many photographs, together with uniforms and weapons and other items of interest, have been loaned by local families for display.

Some of those photographs are placed around the Veterans Memorial on the square for the annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day activities in partnership with Allison Bristol VFW Post 6812 and the George Lee American Legion Post 532.

Hayesville is the only town that participates in the NC Small Town Main Street program that has a room dedicated to veterans.

To honor all who have served or who are currently serving, area quilters have gathered honor and memory squares and have assembled an "Honor" quilt.


Several different handmade tribute square designs were available, within which, inscriptions were clearly marked to honor those who served in conflicts or peacetime. The quilt contains a large display of names honoring those who served as early as the Revolutionary War to current military bases at home and abroad. It has been placed on public display in the (new) Clay County Courthouse.

Almost FinishedQuilt250X333

The quilt is a fitting tribute.


Dead Count

Reference: The cartoon above has been specifically created for Historic Hayesville Inc to use by Paul Jamiol, an author, illustrator and cartoonist. The numbers for Iraq and Afghanistan are as of 8/31/2017.


Early Farmhouse Room


The Centennial Exhibit features an early kitchen/early home room complete with old but still working kitchen "appliances".  Many of the once essential tools of the kitchen are now unrecognized and baffle young visitors as to their use.

Many local families have loaned items for the education of all.


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Mountain Area Wineries and Breweries
 will again be featured during the event together with other miscelaneous vendors.

This year there are several new participants.

Give them a try.


There will be two entry gates, Herbert Street main gate & Sanderson Street/Church Street gate. At the gates, tickets can be purchased, Id's will be checked and wristbands provided to show eligibility to purchase alcohol. The Herbert Street gate will have the ability to process Credit Cards and a Will Call table to process the online purchases.

Hand stamps will be available should you need to exit and return to the event.

Attendees will be provided with a bag at both entrances containing Wine & Beer glasses, pens, note pads, possibly various coupons or information from businesses which will also be available in gift basket area.






AppalachainTrailIt starts and ends with pure Appalachian Mountain water. The water comes from deep in the ground and is super pure. So pure that we have to add a few things to make it suitable for brewing. It is also cold at about 58ºF.

When the brew day is over, all solids are filtered out from the wastewater with special inline screens and the grains are fed to local cattle. Yeast that is not reused will be neutralized before disposal. The remaining liquid is then collected in settling tanks to remove additional solids and then treated in an on-site bioreactor before leaving the building very close to the way it entered.


BalsamFallsBalsam Falls is the true definition of a labor of love. Opened by Husband and Wife, Corey and Laurie Bryson in October 2017, who have since poured their love for craft beer and the community into their business. Known for their creative beer flavors and styles, delicious eats and big personalities, Balsam Falls Brewing Co. is always a joyful place to be. In addition, they regularly push the boundaries and brew unique beers with very limited availability.
Drink Fresh, Drink local. Drink Sylva Beer!


BuckBaldBrewing240X240Since opening the original location in Copperhill, TN in 2018, they've quickly become the go-to brewery for locals and visitors from across the globe. With 14 taps of delicious brews in Copperhill and 12 taps of equally delicious brews in Murphy, you can bet you'll find a beer or two you'll love! Whether you enjoy IPA's, sours, English and German styles, or you're looking for something just a little out there, they've got you covered.


HayesvilleBrewingCompany240X240When creating their beers, they only use water, natural malted barley, fragrant hops and yeast. Sometimes, there is a special ingredient needed to flavor the beer which is added to the fermentation process when making the Possum Drop or natural fruit flavoring for the wheat beer. They don’t do anything to beef up alcohol or change the final product. What they brew is what you get. Local favorite.


NocturnalBrewingCompany240X240Nocturnal Brewing Co. offers a fresh take on casual classics with a stunning view of the North Carolina mountains. Just 4 miles from the NC/GA border, Nocturnal Brewing Co. opened on the square in historic downtown Hayesville, fall 2018.
Brewer David Grace uses many ingredients sourced and foraged nearby to craft exceptional beer. The kitchen team has a knack for creating tasty and beautiful dishes for a diverse menu. There’s something for everyone, lunch and dinner!


SnowbirdMountainsBreweryLogo240X240It was beer that brought Linda &Terry Vaughn together. Now they're bringing that passion for craft brewing to Andrews, NC. Terry started home brewing several years ago. He worked in the tap room with the original owners of Grumpy Old Men in Blue Ridge, GA. He enjoys experimenting with recipes, using exotic ingredients for that one-of-a-kind taste experience. Linda is looking forward to taking an active role in the brewery. She recently finished a brewing class at Brenau University and as a pharmacist, she plans to use her chemistry skills to help Terry create some out-of-this world beer!


EagleForkVineyards240X240Eagle Fork Vineyards is a small boutique winery located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The unique method of growing the grapes to the sound of classical music allows us to boast of insecticide-free healthy wines. A wide variety of wines is available to meet the most disconcerting of tastes.


ferncrest240X240FernCrest creates hand crafted wines using the best grapes from their vineyard and their vineyard partners. The winery harnesses the power of the sun just like ferns do to grow. The winery is located on the crest of a hill in the Snowbird Mountains, Cherokee County NC. The vineyard is on steep slope below the winery.


Valley River Vinyards240X240The vineyard provides an array of wines to please every ones pallet. The scenery allows camping, wildlife watching, walking through the vines, wedding venues, birthday parties and enjoying a pleasant evening sitting by a camp fire.
From grape to bottle the wines are all hands on, specially made from the estate. The wines are made in small batches the old fashion way. No infusion, no chemicals added. Mattie Hatchett, the first wine made, is a dry red wine and is an all-time favorite.


wehrloomMeadery240X240While it's one of the world’s oldest fermented beverages, they're not serving anything dated. Their take on Mead is something new, something refreshing.

They've pushed the boundaries and created a group of beverages that blur the lines between beer and wine. With over six varieties now on tap at the Robbinsville and Asheville locations and even more to check out in the bottle, there’s certain to be something you'll love.

Best of all, the meads are made with their locally produced "Appalachian Mountain" honey and each is gluten-free!


An annual favorite, a fundraiser sponsored by Historic Hayesville Inc. for downtown projects, the 2022 ticket sales will be used to help complete the restoration of the Old Town Hall.


Tickets can be purchased at Tigers Store on the Square or at Historic Hayesville Inc Centennial Exhibit next to the Post Office.


Red Rider Limo Club CarParking will be available at the Methodist Church, Library & Community building areas. 

The HHI Red Rider will be providing free shuttle services for those that need it.


Donations will be welcome.


Food and Other Vendors

Smoky Mountain BarbQue will be serving a mix of delicious plates. Non alcoholic drinks, sodas, water etc and some snacks will be available.

CornerCoffeeandWineShopFresh made popcorn will be available too thanks to Keep Me Posted/Corner Coffee and Wine Shop  popcorn machine. 


SMMFarms240X240When Salvador Moreno Sn started SMM Farm in 2004 he had no idea what a family organization this farm would become. With three generations now working together and wonderful staff both in and out of the fields his dream is being realized. They are always available to help whether it is for dinner or dessert plans or a little gardening advice.

Strawberries are ready now -- delicious!


HighMountainMeadowsFarmandCreamery240X240High Mountain Meadows Farm & Creamery offers free range eggs and have live goats available for meat (processing can be arranged) and Registered French Alpine dairy goats (breeding stock) for sale. The goats are on pasture all year long through rotational grazing practices.
High Mountain is a certified creamery specializing in feta, aged gouda, butter cheese and more.
Farm visits are encouraged and they are happy to share their knowledge with those interested! Cheese making classes, family weekend overnight stays, are offered so call for information and reservations.
Also, they are looking for a farm intern looking to learn how to make cheese, herd goats, and be a part of the whole process.


StillPlaceTHE MISSION is to provide rest, renewal, and recreation to families experiencing serious, ​life-altering illness or loss of a child by incorporating nature, art, spirituality, and Southern Appalachian experiences to enhance resiliency, empowerment, ​self-determination, and hope.


BlackStagGoodsBlack Stagg Goods produce artisan coffees, provisions, premium collaborations and private label services through the highest quality sources and top caliber customer service to deliver awesome goods to your doorstep.

TownMountainCreameryA small family run farm with Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Alpine goats, milking twice a day to make handmade goat Milk Soap and Lotion and licensed and make goat milk Cheese. The small farm is about a mile outside of Hayesville NC with 100+ chickens hatched and raised right on the farm. Other animals include 13 goats, a few rabbits, and a turkey. Fresh free range eggs are for sale everyday as well as chickens and roosters (when available). Other products include vegetables grown in their garden, Goat milk soaps and lotions, bath bombs, wax melts, wax scoopables for tart burners, beeswax lip balm, and beeswax lotion bars.

DesigningMamas Products are well made to endure the love and attention of a teenager or toddler! Practical items as well as unique are crafted upcycling fabrics when possible. Most fabrics are either prewashed or washable but some items will need to be wiped clean and/or air-dried.
Stained glass items are also available. 

MoonsofHiawasseeMany Moons of Hiawassee is located in HIAWASSEE GA in the Chatuge Harbour Plaza across from Towns County Schools. STORE STUDIO WELLNESS and more! Massage, handmade jewelry, tyedye, organic smoothies, soy melts and candles, art classes and gallery and more.

AppalachainGrowersDeep in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, driven by the passion to help others discover and apply the benefits of hemp, carefully developed full spectrum product lines, which are made with USDA certified organic hemp, and other natural ingredients to guarantee that the item in the consumer's hands is of the highest quality and safety. Include their products into your wellness routine and you become part of the AG family.

Gift Baskets

GiftBasketsThere will be a total of 5 gift baskets available this year.  They are always a firm favorite with attendees. All ticket holders have a chance to win. They will be on view on a table on the square.

wine grapeshops flowerWineries and Breweries and other participants will welcome attendees as they would at their individual tasting rooms, bars or other locations.

Visitors can purchase a glass or bottle to enjoy as they relax listening to music.

The list of exhibitors varies from year to year as new breweries and wineries join old favorites to make this event a “must do”.

It has been recognized as part of the "wine trail" for the Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA, (American Viticultural Area) an area of 100,000 acres of which only 130 acres are under vine – but that is continuing to grow as more “boutique” wineries get established.

Participating craft breweries are fast becoming a part of the WNC Brewers Alliance.

HHI is pleased to play a part in promoting economic growth of the area by providing this platform for new wineries and breweries to be successful.

The Hayesville Steins and Wine Around the Square event was the first of its kind in the area. It was born out of efforts by The Town 100 Committee that wanted to showcase a “Wine Around the Square” event in celebration of Hayesville's Centennial Anniversary in 2013. However, that required changes to local ordinances so that alcohol could be served. With approvals in place the event was a great success and has grown into the popular, now annual, “Steins and Wine Around The Square” of today.

 This event is a Historic Hayesville, Inc. fundraiser to benefit downtown projects.



Advantage Chature Realty
Andrews Anglers
Century 21 Black Bear Realty
Clay County Progress
Sonja Silvers Realty Group


B R Donaldson Clearing & Grading
Chatuge Shores Golf Course
Cherokee Scout
Clay County Care Center
Healthy Smiles by Dr. B
Mountain Streams Real Estate, Inc.
Razorback Productions LLC


Brock Family
Chatuge Family Practice
Doug Taylor Electric LLC
Jason H. Shook DDS, PA
Jody Sullivan of Edward Jones
Julie Patterson Ledford, DDS, PA
King's Pharmacy
Molly & Me Antiques
Nantahala Bank & Trust Co.
Signs Fast Inc.
West Tubing Company LLC
Woodhaven Construction

Friends of Steins & Wine Around the Square

Clay County Fire & Rescue
Clay County Chamber of Commerce
Clay County Sheriff's Office
D & S Custom Leather
Dove Profiles
Lazy Llama
Peacock Performing Arts Center
Parts City of Hayesville
Pic-A-Nic Basket Deli
The Still Place
Tri-County Office Supply